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Benefits of the Loyalty Program

Consumers Preferred that participate in the Loyalty Program can earn Loyalty Points, and qualify to receive the free Gift of the Month.

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Instant discount

After you make your first order as a Preferred Customer, you can enjoy an instant discount of 25 %, in addition to the wholesale price, on qualifying purchases

“The products are phenomenal and I are life-changing. I'm 50 years old and people tell me that I have the energy of someone 20!”*

– Frances Stapleton

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Fill out our form with your contact information, your billing address, and comments on how you found out about 4Life.

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Preferred Customers can enroll to your friends and family for make them Affiliates. The Affiliate can earn additional income with 4Life!

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You receive money for sharing wellness

One of the highest payouts in the industry.

4Life makes it easy to earn money by selling products that change lives. With one of the highest payouts in the industry, building your own business has never been more rewarding.

  • Retail profit
  • 25% cash back through our program Rapid Rewards on all orders of clients MiTienda
  • Additional income as you build a team
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Earn rewards and bonuses

Get cash payments and getaways luxury with our comprehensive rewards program

As an Affiliate of 4Life, you can receive generous commissions on the sale of products, in addition to a variety of interesting incentives. Win cash payments and getaways luxury with our comprehensive rewards program.

  • Compensation Plan easy to follow
  • Cash rewards by making your business grow 4Life
  • Getaways luxury free in order to achieve the objectives †
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Earn money sharing the products you love on the social networks!

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Frequently asked questions for preferred customers

  • How much does it cost to become a Preferred Customer?
    To get access to the best prices (wholesale) 4Life, as a Preferred Customer, the membership fee is USD $ 13.
  • What is the Loyalty Program of 4Life?
    The Loyalty Program is a monthly product subscription that allows you to get a 15% in Loyalty Points. You can redeem Loyalty Points for products of 4Life's free! In addition, if you have a monthly order of the Loyalty Program of 125 LP, you qualify for the free Gift of the Month.
  • What is the meaning of LP?
    LP is an abbreviation of “Life Points”, it is the value that is assigned to each product, 4Life, expressed in points, on the basis of which it receives a commission. The “Life Points” become the commissions based on the total point value of the products sold by each member and his organization.


Questions and answers about the Affiliate

  • How do I get paid as an Affiliate?
    The income can be transferred to your bank account or used to buy 4Life products using your account of 4Life.
  • What Affiliates need to buy products every month?
    No, all purchases of products that make your customers can help you maintain your status as an Affiliate.
  • When do I receive my payment?
    4Life pays commissions to both daily and monthly.
  • Why do I need to give my number to the certificate of citizenship?
    As 4Life pays commissions to its Affiliates, purchases, and income is declared to the Internal revenue Service (IRS).
  • What is the difference between a sponsor and a matriculador?
    Your sponsor is your direct Affiliate in the ascending line. Your matriculador is the person that you introduced to 4Life. The matriculador and the sponsor are sometimes the same person.